How To Backup Your WhatsApp Plus Chat In 2022?

How to Backup Your WhatsApp Plus Chat in 2022?

Technology plays a major role in every aspect of our lives. Mobile devices have been among the greatest inventions of our time, allowing people to communicate with anyone and anywhere in the world in just a few seconds. A mobile device typically has several apps in it that are used for various purposes in daily life, and WhatsApp plus is one such app. People can use it to make video and audio calls, send messages, customize the theme, and more.

But when someone loses media or accidentally deletes WhatsApp plus, and you want to see the media, all files, and chat, then you must have a backup of your app on Google drive and your local drive. In this post, we will explain how to back up your important WhatsApp plus chats.

Stepwise Guidance For Backup Your Whatsapp Plus Chat

The application offers users a feature for backing up their conversations in case their phone is damaged or accidentally uninstalled the application.

How To Backup Your WhatsApp Plus Chat In 2022?

Manually Google DRIVE BACK UP:

  • Open WhatsApp plus icon on your device, and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click on settings in the down menu after clicking on the three dots.
  • Tap on chat, and select “chat backup” from the option to back up your messages.
  • Back up your media and your messages to your local storage.

The following steps detail how to back up your chat manually.


  • Open WhatsApp plus on your device and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click on settings and select the option chat history.
  • Select the option chat backup to your Google Drive.
  • Your files and chat will be backed up to your Google Drive by using your Google account details.
  • Choose the Google account to be used for backing up your chat.

How To Backup Your WhatsApp Plus Chat In 2022?

  • It is recommended to make use of the same account and phone numbers for both WhatsApp plus and Google.
  • When you don’t have an account, tap Add account and enter credentials.
  • Choose the frequency of your backup and not select the option never.

Requirements for backup:

  • Google play services
  • Google account activated on your device
  • Good and stable Internet connection
  • Enough free space for the chat backup.

Troubleshooting Tips

In order to resolve the backup issue, you need some guidance. It is not a difficult task, but you need some assistance. Finally, ensure you fulfill the requirements since most problems arise because of insufficient requirements.

Final Thoughts

This article is helpful whenever you need to backup your chats and messages. This article will assist you in backing up your chats and messaging and solve the issue concerning backing up. A backup of your chats will save your important information. It is available whenever you need it, so you can take advantage of it.

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