How To Hide Chats In WhatsApp? Cool Trick 2023

How to hide chats in WhatsApp? Cool Trick 2023

As we all know that WhatsApp is the most used instant messenger app in the world. It is a safe, secure, and trustworthy app. despite such an amazing and strong privacy policy. The app still does not comes with any feature to hide the chats.

This article will tell you exactly how you can hide chats in WhatsApp and make them secure and private. With WhatsApp's recent updates, iPhone users can hide their chats by face ID or finger lock, but Android users can not do that.

Hide chats in WhatsApp

Follow the article to know the tricks and hacks to hide the chats in WhatsApp. There are two ways to hide chats in WhatsApp. I will give you all the information to hide private and personal chats in GBWhatsApp.

Hide chats through Archive chats

Archiving chats is an easy and simple way to hide chats. You can temporarily hide chats by archiving them. Here is how you can archive chats and hide them.

How To Hide Chats In WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Long press on the private chat that you want to hide from others.
  • On the top right corner, the option to archive chat will appear.
  • Click on the archive, and your chat will disappear.

How to unarchive that chat

  • Open the WhatsApp.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the chats in WhatsApp.
  • The archived folder will be there.
  • Click on it.
  • Now long-press the chat to unarchive.
  • Then you will see an option for unarchiving the chat.
  • Select that option.

You should know that this is a temporary way to hide chat. Once the person in the chat texts you, your chat will reappear on the top of the chats as usual.

Hide Chats by App

The other option for more security is to download an app from the Google play store. There are many trustworthy and useful apps in the Google play store that you can download. Follow me to so so.

  • Open the Google play store on your phone.
  • Search for the app locker in the search bar.
  • Click on download the app and wait for it to download.
  • When the app is downloaded, open it.
  • Open the app and select WhatsApp to lock it with any password you want.

How To Hide Chats In WhatsApp

Hide WhatsApp Chats by Chat Locker

  • Open Google play store.
  • Search locker for WhatsApp in the search bar.
  • Download any app you want.
  • Open the app.
  • Select the chats you want to hide.
  • Select and set the password.
  • Now the private chats are hidden.

Hide Chats in iPhone

You can hide chats on your iPhone by archiving them or by setting a password. The choice is yours. You can archive the chats the way you did on an Android device. To hide chats by face ID or password. Go to settings > account > privacy > screen lock and set it.

Other Options

The other way you can hide chats is to download the modified version of WhatsApp. These modified versions are the mods of the original WhatsApp. These mods come with some amazing features making the use of the app easy and advanced.

They come with a built-in feature of downloading status as you see it. Some famous and amazing mods that you can download and use are GB WhatsApp APK, OG WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide WhatsApp chat without an archive?

You can hide WhatsApp chat without an archive. All you need to do is to download the app locker app from the Google play store. You can also download the chat locker app from the Google play store.

Can you have a private chat on WhatsApp?

No, you can have a private chat on WhatsApp. You can have a private chat by downloading any app locker or chat locker from the Google play store. By locking an app or chat in WhatsApp you can create a private chat.

Final Words

WhatsApp does not allow you to hide chats in WhatsApp and have a private chats. You can hide chat and create a private chat by downloading any app or chat locker app from the Google play store.

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