How To Restore GbWhatsapp Backup From Google Drive?

How to Restore GbWhatsapp Backup from Google Drive?

Whenever your GB WhatsApp becomes outdated or you cannot access it anymore, you must uninstall it and download the new GB WhatsApp. The next step is to back up a chat from Google Drive. Backups of chats and media are done via Google Drive. Furthermore, if you move to a new smartphone, you will want to carry all your precious data with you. It includes important aspects of business, family, and profession. A little guidance is all that is needed, and the process is not complicated. To restore the backup, you need the same Google account and phone number used to create the backup. We will describe in this article how to restore the data from your Google Drive.

Stepwise Guidance to Restore the Backup of GBWhatsApp on Android Device

1:Create a backup

  • To begin, you need to back up the GB WhatsApp file by using the following steps.
  • Open GB WhatsApp and click the chat tab. On the settings menu, tap the settings option.
  • Then click on the icon of three dots in the right upper corner.
  • Select the chats tab and then click on chat backup.
  • Your backup can be confirmed by clicking on the backup button.
  • As soon as the process is done, the completed time will show at the top of the page.
  • Find the backup file on the internal storage of the device.

How To Restore GbWhatsapp Backup From Google Drive?

2:Restore the backup

  • It is recommended that you reinstall GB WhatsApp.
  • The GB WhatsApp must be opened using the same account and phone number.
  • Don't forget to use the same phone number and account. The data on Google Drive will not be able to be retrieved otherwise.
  • You can restore chat and media by selecting the restore option.
  • You can see all chats by tapping next after the process is completed
  • Next, your media will be restored.

Troubleshooting Tips

You may encounter some issues related to restoring your files and media, but it does not mean you need a third party. There are many reasons for the problems, but they can be fixed. Here are the reasons why these problems exist:

  • To restore the media files and chat on GB WhatsApp, you must use the same phone number as the Google Drive backup.
  • The process is available between Android devices. The policy does not apply to Apple users.
  • SD cards or chat histories that are corrupt cannot be restored.

How To Restore GbWhatsapp Backup From Google Drive?

  • Ensure that your Android phone is linked to an active Google account. If you do not have a Google account, create a new account.
  • If you have an Android device, you need the Google Play Store app. The Google Play Store does not have the GB WhatsApp app. In this case, you can download it from the website providing the download link.
  • Having stable cellular data is also essential for using both GB WhatsApp and Google Drive.
  • Furthermore, you should try another network. High-speed Wi-Fi allows you to restore your GB WhatsApp backup.


If you are looking for a place to back up your data, you are at the right place. Google Drive allows you to restore your GB WhatsApp backup in many different ways. With the solutions we discussed above, you can overcome any problem you face. The main issue that people face is that their phone numbers and Google accounts won't sync. You should be aware of this one and use a stable and high-quality network.

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