Fix Google Play Store Not Downloading Error? [Solution]

The Google play store is an essential part of any Android device because it allows users to download new apps, games and update the existing ones. You can sometimes experience errors in the Google play store, which are the source of problems and ultimately ruin your experience.

Occasionally, the Google play store stops downloading any apps. It can be caused by problems with your phone, the internet, or even the Google play store itself. You may encounter Google play store errors when you try downloading apps from your play store.

Normally, they are presented to you in the form of numbers. You may have problems with your Google account, Google updates, Google cache, or Google play store saved data.

Fix Google Play Store Not Downloading Error

If you are disturbed by this error again and again or sometimes, don’t worry. In this article, I will tell you some possible solutions for fixing the Google play store not downloading errors. As mentioned, it can be caused by your Google play store itself, Mobile phone, network, or the Google play store data and cache.

We will be fixing all these things one by one to get the Google play store back on track and work as it should. The following possible solutions are easy and quick. You need to follow each step to fix the problem.

1.Turn Wi-Fi on and off

Sometimes that main problem is the network. The slow network speed can easily make your Google play store stop working and eventually stop downloading. Do this to see if it’s really the case with the network. If yes, then the Google play store will receive the signals and start downloading again.

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Click on the wireless & networks option.
  • Open Wi-Fi.
  • Tuen it off and wait for a few seconds.
  • After that, again, turn it on.

2.Restarting the Router

The router is the main source of the Wi-Fi signals. If there is a problem with the router, you can also fix that. Sometimes the router gets heat up because of continuous use causing problems in signals. It is possible that because of the router, the phone is not receiving enough signals to make Google play store work properly.

Try turning the electricity supply to the router on and off. This will give the router rest and restart it.

3.Turn on Airplane Mod

The airplane mode, when turned on, will disconnect the phone from every network that includes Wi-Fi and data connections. This will help the phone to reconnect with a fresh connection once the mod is turned off. Doing this will allow the app to refresh and get a new connection.

  • Go to the phone’s settings.
  • Open wireless & networks.
  • Go to airplane mode and enable it.
  • Wait for a few seconds and then turn it off.

4.Restarting the Phone

Restarting the phone will refresh the phone. Along with the phone, all the settings and apps are also refreshed. Refreshing means the apps will start again, getting rid of all the bugs causing problems. Refreshing the phone always helps, so this might help you fix your problem.

  • Hold your phone’s power button.
  • Two options will appear (restart & power off).
  • Select restart to restart the phone.
  • Wait for a few minutes, and the phone will restart again.

5.Checking Date & Time Settings

Date and time might sound like something really ordinary for a phone, but it can be a troublemaker when changed. The different dates and times can cause various apps to stop working. Wrong date and time can cause a problem in syncing your Google play store that can make it stop working.

Try changing the date and time correctly, and then try downloading again.

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Open date & time settings.
  • Select the automatic date & time.

6.Clearing Google play store cache

Cache, when accumulated for so long, can cause a problem for you. A huge cache collected in time can make any app stop. This might be the case with your Google play store. So cleaning it might solve your problem and get Google to play store back on downloading apps again.

  • Open the phone’s settings.
  • Go to the apps & notification tab.
  • Go to all apps and scroll up and down to find the Google play store in it.
  • Click on Google play store once you have found it.
  • Open storage.
  • Select lear cache, and it will clear all the cache.

7.Deleting Google Play Store Data

Google play store data is the information about your Google play store. Clearing it will give your play store a new fresh start from the beginning. Doing this will clear all the bugs stored in data that were causing problems for your app to work properly.

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Go to Apps & notifications.
  • Open all apps and find Google play store just like you did to clear the cache.
  • Open the app.
  • Click on clear data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are apps not downloading?

Due to some bugs in your Google play store, you may not be able to download your apps. Some possible solutions are outlined above in this article that can help you solve this problem.

Why does my play store does not download?

On occasion, you might not be able to download apps from the play store. Play store does this due to problems with updates, cache, and data stores on the phone. This can also be caused by any problem with the internet. Check your network first and then clear your app’s cache and data, then try again.

Final Words

Like other apps, the Google play store can sometimes have problems. The apps show problems and errors because of some bugs causing the app to get off track. The play store sometimes also shows this problem because of network issues. Before doing anything, check and set your network to restart the phone. If this does not help, then move to other solutions.

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