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Fouad Whatsapp Download APK v9.62 Latest Version 2023

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Name Fouad WhatsApp APK
Publisher Jenson
Category Whatsapp Mods
Version v9.62
Size 56 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and Above

Fouad Whatsapp is a modified whatsapp mod developed by Fouad Makdad. This variant of whatsapp gives you the ability to enjoy all the extra features of whatsapp without any ads. These features let you block calls, lock chats, download status, and hide your online status along with cool themes.

This is a powerful mod of WhatsApp, and the developers have continuously updated it to secure your privacy and keep you safe from getting banned. Its amazing features of hiding blue ticks and customizing backgrounds etc.

Fouad WhatsApp Download APK

One cannot tell the difference between fm whatsapp anti ban and Fouad Whatsapp just by looking at the components of each. It is almost impossible to differentiate FM Whatsapp from Fouad Whatsapp. Their popularity is similar. This app has gained critical acclaim and features compared to the original Whatsapp. Whatsapp versions FM and Fouad have varying features.

Comparison of FM Whatsapp & Fouad Whatsapp

  • With the fm whatsapp you can access a large selection of themes, wallpapers, fonts, and even interface modifications. You can personalize the messaging app however you want with various customization options. How cool is that? They're free, too. Whatsapp is updated with new features, don't worry about the same old, boring theme. It even has a more stylish font. Regardless of what the issue is, FM WhatsApp can solve it.

  • Each app offers customizations that the regular WhatsApp app does not. You can change the color of your WhatsApp conversations when using FMWhatsApp compared to Fouad WhatsApp APK.

  • In addition, you can change the appearance and settings of the app and settings by choosing a theme. Hundreds of themes are available in the theme store for you to choose from.

  • The regular WhatsApp app offers excellent features for sharing media in FM WhatsApp vs. Fouad WhatsApp. But there are some restrictions, such as only being able to share 30 images at a time and a maximum of 16MB of video. The functionality of FM WhatsApp goes beyond these restrictions. FM WhatsApp allows users to share 60 images and data files larger than 700MB at once through a third-party app. You can send up to 10 images simultaneously in Fouad Whatsapp, with a file size of up to 52 MB. 

Foud Whatsapp Apk

How to Make Decisions Fm Whatsapp vs. Fouad Whatsapp Easily?

You can change any version based on what you want. How did the original program compare to the updated version of what you were looking for? You might want to consider using it instead. When you talk to someone online, does it matter to you to remain anonymous to your other contacts? Take advantage of applications that allow you to remain anonymous. Take the time to try out both versions to discover which one suits your preferences and needs best.

Fouad Whatsapp Apk

Almost all of the features of both Apps are the same, but with the Fouad whatsapp download, you can enjoy the ads-free experience without any hassle and without compromising your privacy.

Foud Whatsapp Apk

We hope you will enjoy these clean and highly effective fm whatsapp download mods and will share them with your friends. Let us know what you think about it.

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  • See Deleted Messages
  • Download Whatsapp Status
  • Change fonts
  • Hide Status View
  • Hide files in the gallery
  • send files bigger than 50MB
  • tons of emojis collection
  • Anti Ban
  • Disable forwarder
  • History logs
  • Lock Whatsapp Chats
  • Cool Wallpapers
  • Auto reply
  • Selective Call Blocking

And many more features, Fouad Whatsapp comes without any ads and gives you a better experience than the casual app so 


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