How to Fix Google Play Store Won’t Open

Without any doubt, the Google play store is one of the best play stores in the Android world. With its straightforward interference, it is easy to use. With such simple features, the app can sometimes also show issues.

These are caused by bugs and can be fixed. This article contains all the information you need to know.

How to Fix Google Play Store Won’t Open Issue.

There are some possible solutions to solve this problem. I have listed all those solutions. You can try it. If the solution is not working, you can move on to the next one and can keep on trying them.

1.Restart the Phone:

  • Hold the power button on your phone.
  • Two options will appear.
  • Select restart and your phone will restart.

Restarting the phone refreshes the phone. Refreshing the phone will clear all the bugs possibly creating this problem. Once they are gone, the app will get back on track and start working again.

2.Clearing the Google play store Cache:

  • Open the settings on your phone.
  • Select apps and notifications.
  • Click on all apps and find the Google play store there.
  • Open the Google play store.
  • Select storage.
  • Now, select clear cache in the two options in that folder.
  • All the cache will be cleared.

The cache is the data that is collected throughout the time. This can cause problems for some apps and can make them malfunction. Clearing cache is significant. It can be that cache is the main reason why your Google play store is not working properly.

3.Clearing Google play store Data:

  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • Open apps and notifications.
  • Click on all apps.
  • Find the Google play store there.
  • Open Google play store.
  • Select storage.
  • Now, select clear data.
  • It will clear all the data of the Google play store.

Data is the important information collected on your phone about the Google play store. The wrong data collected or saved can cause problems for the app to work. When this happens, then clearing the data is a must.

4.Check for System Updates:

  • Open the phone’s settings.
  • Select system settings.
  • Now open system updates.
  • Update if there are any updates available.

The new software comes with patches that fix bugs causing apps to stop or not work correctly. The updated software might help you solve the problem.

5.Check Date and Time:

  • Go to the phone’s settings.
  • Click on the system.
  • Open date and time.
  • Select automatic date and time.

Correct date and time are very important for a phone. When changed or set differently can cause your apps to misbehave and stop working. Setting the right date and time is very important.

6.Disable the Google play store:

  • Go to the phone’s settings.
  • Open apps and notifications.
  • Select all apps and find Google play store.
  • There you will find disable and force stop.
  • Select disable and leave the phone.
  • After some time, a minute or two, go back and enable the app again.

Disabling the app will give the app a break. The break might solve the problem and make an app work properly.

7.Uninstall the updates:

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Open apps and notifications.
  • Select the apps tab.
  • Search for Google play store.
  • Select uninstall updates and if there is no such option, click on three dots on the top right corner, and you will see it there.
  • Click on uninstall updates.

Sometimes the upgrades happening in the back can cause a problem. They put pressure on the app that causes it to stop working properly.

8.Uninstall the Google play store:

If none of these solutions worked for you, then the last option is to uninstall the app. you can again download the app and set everything from the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix a corrupted Google play store?

You can fix a corrupted Google play store by following some possible solutions like restarting the phone, clearing the Google play store’s cache and data, update the software, set the date and time, etc.

How do you open an app that won’t open?

You can open any app that won’t open by fixing or getting rid of those bugs that are causing that problem. You can do that by restarting the phone, clearing the app’s cache and data, etc.


Apps are technical things. They can show different technical problems sometimes. Do not worry. As technology is advancing, the solutions for any problem are also updated. Just like this, there are many possible solutions for the app to get back on track.

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