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InstaAero Mod APK v20.0.1 Download (2022) Latest Version

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Name InstaAero APK
Publisher Jenson
Category Instagram MODS
MOD Features MOD
Version v20.0.1
Size 59 MB
Requires 5.0 and above

Insta Aero is the modified version of Instagram that provides you extra features within Instagram. This version of Instagram has a bunch of various functions. You can zoom the profile photos, download and save the images and videos, no advertisements you can even copy the texts of the user in this version.This application is expert in downloading high quality photos and videos without any error.

Instagram has been upgraded with the Insta Aero APK. With millions of users, Instagram is the most widely used app for taking and sharing pictures and videos. All of their friends' movies and images are uploaded by the users. Not only can you connect with your friends and relatives online, but you can make contact with millions of individuals around the world.

Features offered by Insta Aero apk are not found in the official Instagram app. All of the functions can be unlocked with the Insta Aero ApK. Similar to the original application, this Instagram APK allows you to download any image.

Instaaero Apk

The app allows you to instantly download videos to your device with just one click. Any status can be shared and copied to your profile. Copying anyone’s status is super simple in this version of Insta Aero APK.

On an Android phone, you can use different modes of Instagram as well as the official Instagram app by using the instaAero app, you can also install the official Instagram, GB Instagram, and instaAero programmes.


Through this version of Insta Aero APK you can download files like IGTV, images, videos from the private accounts as well. The apk version does make sure that the user information is not leaked.

Moreover, we know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, they can easily store user data and transfer to the third party but this version makes sure that this doesn’t happen.


There are more advanced privacy settings in this version rather than in the original which is more effective. You can hide anything easily from others if you want.You will not know which messages you have seen or posts you have read, this all will be kept private. You can even hide your daily activities on Instagram.

Insta Aero Mod Apk


Insta Aero has its translation feature through which you can easily translate the comments, stories or insta bio. One of the main features is that you can even translate it into different languages.

This will be very helpful for those who do not understand other languages or English. It was very difficult before to copy bio and other text on Instagram and even hard to translate it.


Some photos or videos may be a disturbance to the users, through this version of insta aero, you can hide the specific file or warn the users before opening it. Through this it will be easy for the users to be active before opening the image or the video.


You can enable or disable the ads in this version of the application, through this the app will run smoothly and there will be no distraction to the users.On the other hand, if we talk about the friend’s suggestions, that can also be removed by going to the settings. If you don’t want to see the recommended people on top of the app you can easily disable it in settings.


The analytical feature of Insta Aero is basically used to have a look at a user's daily activity and behaviour while using the app. This keeps track of your likes, dislikes and many more. It works like a feedback recording system, where the information is kept private and more secured.

Insta Aero Mod Apk


Once you download the photos or videos of other users, you will get the notification, through this it will let you know that your file has been downloaded. To get the notifications you have to go to settings and enable the instant notification option to notify you. You can also unable the option if you want.

Insta Aero Mod Apk


  • The modified version is way cooler, in this you can see the photos and videos in HD quality
  • You can also download the profile photos of the users.
  • To save your time, you can fast forward the videos or also can rewind those videos if you want to have a look again
  • Privacy is the most important feature in the modified version of Insta Aero APK, you can hide those messages which you have already viewed, you can even hide those stories which you have seen already.
  • You can copy links and open those from the apps, this is the latest feature which makes this app more interesting.
  • You can copy the texts, bios and comments of the people in this version, and also hide your “typing or writing” status.


How can I update Insta Aero APK?

This version does not have an automatic update for this you have to uninstall and then reinstall the application.

Is this app Insta Aero APK legal?

This version of insta aero apk is totally safe, legal and secured. Users don't need to worry about this, even though this application is free, its features are quite unique and fun to use.


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