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Insta Pro APK v9.70 Download Latest Version 2023

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Name Insta Pro APK
Publisher Jenson
Category Instagram Mods
Version v 9.70
Size 61 MB
Requires 5.1 and above

Insta Pro APK is the most interesting version of Instagram is now available in the modified version. It helps you to download Instagram videos and photos without any trouble. It is accessible to all android users. This modified version has many new features that the users can easily avail it.

If you want to download something, you can directly download all the Instagram posts, videos, and pictures. This version has many features that the original application does not have. You don’t need to take any screenshots or record the videos, with this Insta pro apk application, it is very simple to download everything.

Instapro Apk Download 2022

IGTV Videos

You can download the Instagram IGTV videos smoothly through this application. This version is mostly used by many people.

Hd Graphics

One of the best features of insta pro applications is its graphics. These formats usually attract people. You can explore the graphics in hd quality which is very beautiful.

Secure Data

Another essential feature of this version is that you can keep your account private. By this, all your data will be locked, and there will be no security issues as well.


Having followers on Instagram is a fun new thing. Sometimes people from the list unfollow you, and you never get to know when. This version lets you know which followers stopped following you or when they unfollowed you. It will notify you each time.

More Followers

This version of insta pro also keeps a record of who is following you, by this, you can gain many followers.

Instapro Apk

Download Videos and Stories

This version supports downloading all the pictures, videos, Instagram reels, and many more things from the application; you don’t need to install any other app to download.


The insta pro application has the best quality. You can download many features of this version quickly. This makes the application exciting to use.

Hide Story Viewer

It is a useful feature of this version. You can hide those who viewed your story on Instagram and those who left a comment on the post. You can change this feature in the settings.

What’s New?

  • The time limit of stories is expanded
  • New font styles are added
  • All the ads are removed
  • Many errors are fixed

Features of Insta Pro APK

  • You can easily copy the comments or bio of the insta users and download the reels and stories.
  • With this pro version, you can see the profile pics of others and also download them without the person knowing.
  • You can hide your stories and status while typing and delete unwanted comments.
  • Customization is an excellent feature of insta pro; you can add different themes to your pictures free of cost.
  • There are no watermarks on the pictures you customize or on your post.
  • When you download the pictures and videos, the quality remains best. It does not ruin the quality of the pics.


Is this insta pro application safe to use?

This application is fully secured and easy to use.

Is internet access required while using the application?

Yes, this application needs to have an internet connection.


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