Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK v1.19.40.20 ( Mod & Unlocked)

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Name Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK
Publisher Jenson
Category Games
MOD Features Fully Unlocked
Version v1.19.40.20
Size 106 MB
Requires 5.1 and above

Minecraft is the most popular game that many people around the world enjoy playing. Minecraft can be played on different platforms but usually people love to play on desktop. It is a sandbox game in which the players build different structures with the blocks in their own world. This can be shared by their online friends or partners.

It allows the players to create things of their own choice and share with others. This game is very simple. All you have to do is build things with the blocks, and then you have to be creative enough of how you can use those blocks, explore your world and also fight the evils in your way. As there are two versions of Minecraft one of them is the Minecraft pocket edition APK.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

As it is the widely used game in the world, it is now also available on your phones. The Minecraft pocket edition apk lets you play the game on your phone which is quite easy now. You don't need to have any internet connection and you can play with your friends online.

The pocket edition of Minecraft will be entertaining when you have free time or going on long trips. It will help the players to be more creative and help understand many more challenges in their way.

Various Items

It is the sandbox game which allows the users to build, explore and create with the cubes shaped blocks which gives a 3D effect in Minecraft world. In this version the players can buy and earn in the game with the other users. They can sell their items with different players and get what they want.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK


Many people love to play this game together with their friends or even online with the users, multiplayer is one of the popular ways to compete with others. In this players can join together and build things. It is one of the best features in Minecraft pocket edition.

Market Place

As this version of Minecraft can be played on the phone as well, one of the most used applications is android. There is a market place in this app, where the players can buy and sell items. It is a very good source of making money and collecting different items.

God Mode

This game is played and enjoyed by all the ages. This god mode is also most popular among players where they have a complete control of their game, this allows the users to do anything they want without being worried of getting killed or having no resources. This mode is full of fun.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

Create Items

There are many tools that help players create things together. It allows you to explore and build and also gives many effects to the game. They can also craft the materials they have found in the game.

Customise Your World

This feature makes it more exciting that you can even customise your own world, it gives a variety of opportunities and tools to make your own world interesting. It gives you new challenges in the game which makes you play definitely.


The graphics in the game are so well established that the person who is playing this game feels like he is in the real world and completing his challenges. The graphics of this game are very realistic, detailed and clear which makes it more fun for the players.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

Attractive Modes

As this game is such fun to play and it gets more attractive. You can also change the look of your character and the environment around you. There are few modes of Minecraft which makes the game look more attractive.

The Creative Mode

This mode helps you out by whatever you want to build, without any limitations. You can create different landscapes and even cities.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

Survival Mode

It gives you more and more different challenges through which you have to survive. Once you complete your tasks you will also be rewarded. You need to create weapons, armours and different structures with limited resources.

Adventure Mode

You can have epic battles, fight with the monsters, explore different areas and have a joyful adventure through this mode in minecraft pocket edition.


Is there any way to block other players from accessing my world?

Players are unable to block other players from entering their world but they can set passwords to restrict and disable chats altogether.

The minecraft pocket edition is available on which platforms?

The pocket version is available on android and iOS platforms.


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