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OG Instagram APK Download v10.17.0 Latest Version 2023

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Name OG Instagram APK
Publisher Jenson
Category Instagram Mods
Version v10.17.0
Size 24 MB
Requires 4.1 and above

With millions of monthly downloads, Instagram is the latest trending application. Social networking application that allows users to connect with friends and family via photos and videos. OG Instagram Apk offers a wide range of features and options unavailable in official Instagram. Like OG Whatsapp, it is very popular among millions of people from all over the world. 

Everyone owns it, and it is the most popular platform for sharing photos and videos. More than a million users enjoy using OGInsta APK Download . Models, actors, and singers aren't the only ones who wear it. Athletes are also fond of it. Video and photo sharing are thus popular through the app. OG Instagram provides you with the option of using two accounts on the same phone in addition to letting you share your photos and thoughts with the world.

Instagram's official app lacks many useful features. Users must also download other users' content to their mobile devices in addition to uploading their own. They can share it with their families and friends. This option is not available on our official app, which has billions of users. 

Today, I'll present you with one of the most important modifications to Instagram that you won't be disappointed with. You can use this official version of Instagram as much as you like since it will satisfy all of your requirements.

In addition to offering the same functionalities, layout, and feature set as the site itself, the Instagram OG app mimics the site in every way. Would you prefer this app to Instagram if you could log indirectly? There are two main factors to consider: speed and convenience. It is best to run applications like this quickly, so they don't take up much processing power.

Instead of taking a lot of time and hassle for each post, Instagram's mobile app allows you to post and post much quicker. The classic Instagram site doesn't offer some of the unique features available on OGInsta +. Videos and photos cannot be downloaded from the site directly, but you can do so with this app.

Photos and stories are shared with those who have been invited. With this app, you can easily keep your social media information private. Screenshots have to be cropped and downloaded before being able to be downloaded, which takes a long time. Cropping also reduces the quality of images.

If you crop an image on Instagram, you can download the photo. But what about the video? Instagram videos cannot be downloaded. But today, we are going to show you how to download Instagram Videos, Photos, and Stories easily. How similar are your opinions to yours? How cool is that app? Here in this article, you will get the direct download link for free!

What’s OGInsta APK?

The OG Instagram Apk allows users to share photos, videos, and GIFs with family and friends. They are widely used to keep in touch with friends and family as well as find out about new audiences. The official Instagram app and OGInsta+ social media apps both show similar previews. However, the OG Instagram app comes with numerous additional features. 

OGInsta Apk offers a number of features that Instagram does not. In addition, users can upload, share, and view other content, including videos, photos, and links with friends, families, and strangers. The various features on Instagram include watching videos, receiving photos, watching videos, taking part in IGTV, chatting, and going live. 

The OG Instagram Apk is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free to download. Further, users need not uninstall their official Instagram accounts in order to use the OG Instagram. A lot of credit should go to its developer, OGMODS. Don't worry; I will assist you step-by-step in finding and downloading this unofficial application, which is not available on Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store.

Why did we choose OG Instagram APK?

You may choose OGInsta for a number of reasons. I am different and unique from the others, so I use OGInsta to share moments on social media. OG Instagram will do away with some of Instagram's shortcomings, including those not available on the platform. You can find some incredibly powerful functions in Instagram by creating multiple accounts, hiding your status, and taking advantage of the privacy function.

OG Instagram Apk

The bio and story of anyone can also be copied. In addition to that, OGInsta offers many other features. Every individual has different needs. OG Instagram also doesn't seem to be as lucrative as the official Instagram in terms of how much you'll make.

Features of OG Instagram

  • Multiple Accounts:

Nowadays, Instagrammers with more than one account use them all frequently. Moving from one company to another requires that accounts be changed. Due to the functionality provided by the new Instagram app, users will no longer be restricted to only one account at a time. In order to use two Instagram accounts at the same time, you must log out of one account, then log in to the other.

By selecting the profile tab in your profile, you can manage two accounts at the same time. Finally, click on the 'add account' option at the bottom of the page. During the add account option, write down your username and password.

  • Zoom Profile Pictures:

Instagram users complain about not being able to zoom in on their friends' Profile Pictures. As a popular photo-sharing website, Instagram is still unable to offer its users the basic feature of zooming in on profile pictures. Our goal with OGInsta is to help you zoom in on profiles of others and make your work easier. Using the Double-tap, you can zoom in more closely.

As well as photos you see in your feed, you can also zoom in on them. Even videos can be zoomed in now, something you will be astonished to know. By pausing the video middle way and long-pressing on it, you can zoom in more. For images, it's the same. You can zoom in and out again after the image appears on the screen for two seconds. Things like these are important, but they are small. OGInsta always offers better integration with its new version.

  • Download Images and Videos:

One of the most exciting aspects of the OG insta APK is that it allows you to edit your own data. These apps are more powerful than the originals, so they're worth using. Earlier versions did not have this feature. With this new feature, you are able to download photos and videos easily. Get the OG Instagram Apk and show off what you can do to your friends using this exciting, newly added feature. 

The three dots at the bottom right of the screen allow you to download photos and videos posted by your friends. OG MODS folder provides access to both the OG Instagram and the game by clicking on the three dots. This is a great feature, and we're sure you'll enjoy it.

  • Copying Bios, Comments, and Captions:

Instagram's official policy does not permit us to use any of the catchy captions or attractive bios we see daily on our feeds or posts. This problem is solved by OG Insta APK. I am telling the truth. Any bio, caption, or comment can be copied and pasted anywhere. Copying the written stories is also possible. 

  • Facebook Login:

Login to your Instagram account without remembering your login details. Your Facebook account will suffice for logging in. Connecting Instagram with Facebook is necessary to do this. It's that simple. OGInstagram will now require you to log in with your Facebook account whenever you want to access your account.

OG Instagram Apk

  • Download Stories:

Insta OG APK allows you to edit your own data, which is one of the most exciting features. Compared to the originals, these apps are more powerful. There was no such feature in the previous versions. Your device will receive direct posts from your friends, whether they are photos or videos. To impress your friends, OG insta APK offers a number of cool features. At the bottom right of the screen, you will find three dots that enable you to download posts from your friends. Click the three dots, then tap the download button, and you will be able to download the story. This story will be stored in the OGMODS/OG insta folder. This is a great feature, and we're sure you'll enjoy it.

  • Themes & Wallpapers:

The updated OG Instagram comes with a variety of themes and wallpapers. The beautiful themes are available for free for you to experience and enjoy. Downloading them separately is not necessary. Your library will be automatically downloaded and saved.

  • Language Translator:

OGInsta offers this feature. Due to the popularity of Instagram, millions of people are connected to our social media network. Language is crucial for connecting with people who speak a different language. Therefore, you can convert any language into your own language in OGinsta 2021 Apk by using the Auto Translator feature. Chat in the chat box or leave a comment using this feature. The site will be translated into many other languages.

  • Auto-Playing of Videos:

It will play any video without a sound problem with OG INSTA Plus. You can only hear a video in the Instagram app that has sounded since it starts with no sound. The video begins with sound by default now on OG INSTA PLUS.

  • Message Translation:

Though! Users on OG Instagram communicate in their own native language and across different countries on the social media app. However, the language barrier stands in the way of communication between users. There is a hurdle in place. With this unofficial app, you can translate live chat messages into another language, so both senders and receivers can read the message in their native tongue.

  • IGTV Video Download:

The Official app of IGTV allows us to watch long-form videos. The official app, however, will not allow us to download it. Thanks to this unofficial app, we can download videos from Instagram TV.

  • Follow indicator:

The original Instagram App has an indicator that tells you if someone is following you. A feature like this enables users to see if anyone follows or unfollows them. Your account will be notified every time someone follows or unfollows you.

  • Privacy Features:

You can get plenty of privacy options with the 2021 OG Instagram Apk. If you are online, you can hide your active status in the OGInstagram app. You can also hide your typing status during a conversation with your friends. They will be shocked by this feature. Additionally, a chat's read receipt may be hidden. Since these privacy features are available to you, you are going to feel better.

  • Download Media:

Its downloading media feature makes it the best of all Instagram versions. OG Instagram Apk allows users to download movie clips, boomerangs, and any other type of media to their devices, whereas the official Instagram application does not allow users to download images, videos, or GIFs from the gallery.

  • Share Links:

Sharing photos and videos is quick and easy with Instagram OG. Then you can quickly share their images, videos, and other media.

Permissions Required for OG Instagram

Some of the permissions which you need to allow to install this mod version of Instagram. Don't worry; it's free and safe from any kind of virus and malware. So, download and install it without any worry. Some of the permissions are given below:

  • Contact permissions are required
  • Access to external memory
  • Access to maps and locations
  • Send SMS
  • Account information
  • When you connect to Facebook, your account will be accessed

OG Instagram Apk

What’s New in OGInstagram?

We must keep our technology updated with the evolving world. It is constantly updated to ensure the best performance for OGInsta, like many other mobile applications. Maintaining your application will give you access to new features and higher quality.

  • Base updated in the new version of OGInstagram APK.
  • Fixed errors and bugs.
  • Anti-ban mod.
  • Fixed crashes.
  • New features arrived

The one-tap downloading button on our page works perfectly, unlike many fraud sites. You should stay away from shady websites and just download WhatsApp and Instagram mods from our website. The OGInstagram APK is regularly updated, and, at the moment, many things have been fixed in its latest version.

OGInstagram Alternatives

Take a deep breath! I want to ask you a question before you actually rush over to OGInstagram. What do you think of this Instagram mod apk? Your goal is to get the best.

The Instagram mod community is thriving. They are good in some cases. The OG Instagram does not seem to be as popular as the newer version, nor is it more popular either. Similar features are offered by both. It may not be too noticeable to you. You might want to check out OGinsta alternatives if you're too picky. Some of the mods are listed below:

  1. Instagram Plus
  2. InstaHack
  3. InstaUltra Mod Apk
  4. GBInsta Mod Apk

All of them are free to download, and you can get them from our site without paying a single amount of money. Moreover, now it's up to you which one you need to download for yourself. 

How to Download and Install OG Instagram APK

As I shared above, GBInsta offers many features you might find useful. As it has just been launched, it has the potential to be the most popular Instagram MOD. Apk files may seem confusing for someone who is not used to installing apps from the Play Store. GB Instagram is easy to install on Android, and I'm going to share how to do so in this post. Just follow the below steps carefully, and you are good to GO! So let's get started:

  • It is necessary to enable the installation of unknown sources before installing OG Instagram. It's not possible to install the APK unless this permission is enabled. Go to your device settings -- security -- permissions -- Unknown source option and enable it.
  • In order to locate the downloaded file, you'll have to enable unknown sources on your device. Device storage>downloads>OGInstagram APK will be the default location. Tap on the install button when you have opened the apk.
  • You will see OG Instagram completed after a few seconds. With the app, you can take advantage of all OGInsta's features on your smartphone. Please use our comment box to tell us about your experiences with this mod.

Mod Features of OG Instagram APK

  • Direct image and video URLs can be shared.
  • Capable of taking screenshots.
  • Affiliate Marketing and Promoting Your Own Business
    Zoom in on profile pictures.
  • The automatic translator can be used to translate discussions.
  • It is possible to use more than one account simultaneously.
  • You can also download IGTV videos.
  • Sound will be played automatically when videos begin.
  • Log in directly to Facebook. 
  • Instagram Videos, Images, and Stories Can Be Downloaded
    Screen and conversion for changing the theme of conversations.
  • No Root Required.
  • Using two Instagram accounts simultaneously
  • You can read messages without replying. 
  • By using the 'follow indicator,' you will never miss notifications of follows and unfollows.
  • You'll Get the Best Entertainment and Comedy Videos by watching the Reels Videos.

Final Verdict

The best mod for Instagram is OG Instagram APK, and it is free to use. Share images and videos via the URL feature to share your experience. It is possible to enjoy media files even when there is no internet connection. It is a third-party app, but it is safe and secure, so you don't have to worry about it negatively impacting your device.

You shouldn't face any difficulties with GB Instagram now that you know how to install it. The OGInsta+ app or GB Instagram app is the apps I recommend if you love Instagram. With both of these applications, you can unlock some great Instagram features. Let us know how you found OG Instagram. Comment below if you are having any problems during the download process. If you need it fixed immediately, we will do our best.


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