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Yo WhatsApp Download APK Version v19.35.12 Latest 2022

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Name Yo WhatsApp APK
Publisher Jenson
Category Whatsapp Mods
Version v19.35.12
Size 48 MB
Requires 4.4 and above

YoWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

With thousands of features, WhatsApp is an amazing application and a way to communicate in the present day. It is, without a doubt, the most popular messaging app available on Google Play. But in terms of WhatsApp MOD applications, YO WhatsApp is one of the best. It was developed by Yousef Al-Basha, thus the name "Youssef Al-Basha YOWA".

YO WhatsApp apk download is the best choice for them and is a modified version of the original app. YO WhatsApp, however, has more features in the app of your choice. A user can choose from more than 20 features while deciding whether to install it. Let's look at its features before learning about how to get it on your phone.

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Yo Whatsapp Download

Requirements For Installation

Old Android users don't need to check their systems for requirements for installation. Their phones are compatible with this type of application. But there are many users that think it won't run on their devices. It is in fact an ordinary application similar to others. My goal here is to share the list of all the things you need to know to resolve your queries.

  • An Android phone 4.0 version or higher
  • YO WHATSAPP apk download link
  • Stable internet connection
  • Old WhatsApp deleted

YO Whatsapp Features

The YOWhatsApp app contains many features that the original WhatsApp app does not have. Let's have a look at them one by one. The YO WhatsApp application provides its users with many features that can be used for fun, enjoyment, and privacy.

Yo Whatsapp


YO WhatsApp offers a way to hide the online status and blue ticks. Additionally, you can change the style and color of the tick and bubble. The receiver cannot thus see that you are viewing the message. By doing so, you can keep your information private.


YO WhatsApp is the perfect app for those who want to avoid the use of basic themes. The app includes over 4000 themes that you can download on your device. Likewise, you can customize the conservation screen and the home screen however you want. Other things you can change include the tab color, style of text, and background. Personalized user interfaces are also available and can be enjoyed.


More than 100 languages are available in YO WhatsApp, which means you can communicate in various languages. Once you have a language of your choice, then free communication is possible.

Unsaved Numbers

This app offers the unique feature of sending messages to unsaved numbers. This feature is missing from the original app and will save you time.

Block Calls

It is up to you whether to speak with someone or not? To obstruct incoming calls from a person, go to their profile and turn on the feature. When you block the calls of someone, the call is automatically dropped. In an emergency, it is important to be cautious.

App Lock

WhatsApp also has an in-built app lock, allowing you to access your data and messages after entering a password. As another way of protecting your media, this is also an option.

Send Images and Files

It is possible to send the ten images as one message in YOWhatsApp. The original one only offered four options. As an added feature, WhatsApp also offers a maximum file size of 700 MB.

Emojis and Emotions

Chatting using emoticons and emojis is a great way to make your conversation more expressive. By doing so, your feelings are conveyed to the receiver. There is a new variant of emojis and emoticons available on WhatsApp.

Save The Themes

The themes can be autosaved and created as zip files. Once it is sent to another device, you will be able to utilize it.

Yo Whatsapp

Anti Delete Status and Messages

It's one of the best features that everyone loves. You can read the status and messages of people who deleted it after sending it. WhatsApp originally did not offer this amazing feature. In the future, you won't have to worry about anyone hiding anything from you.

How To Install YO Whatsapp on Android Devices?

It's relatively easy to install WhatsApp on your smartphone. To install it on an Android device, you need to follow some quick instructions. The Google Play Store and sites of third parties are both places where you can download it. You can download it for all Android phones and tablets.

  • Firstly, make sure the android device is connected to the internet.
  • Visit Google.com and enter YO WhatsApp.
  • Then, click the option "download YO WhatsApp," and it will begin to download.

Yo Whatsapp

  • You'll receive a notification that the setup has been downloaded.
  • Before uninstalling the original WhatsApp, please make a backup of your data.
  • After installing the YO WhatsApp setup, your device will launch the app.

 This app also allows you to recover your data and enjoy its latest features.

How To Install YO Whatsapp on IOS Devices?

 It was asked how YO WhatsApp for iOS devices can be downloaded. There is no YO WhatsApp for iOS users. This is because Apple's policy doesn't allow for third-party apps. Several websites are claiming to offer a download of YO WhatsApp by clicking on their links, so beware and use the official WhatsApp on your iOS device instead.


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 Features of all versions

YO WhatsApp is more useful than other apps and the reason is that it offers many features that are effective and exciting. Below is a list of features that are designed in bullet forms.

  • Hide blue ticks and double ticks
  • Copy status just click on it
  • Save themes
  • New customized wallpaper
  • Group chat tap separately
  • Increase limit up to 250
  • New emojis
  • Dual WhatsApp option
  • Reply privately in groups
  • Archive chats ignored
  • Vibration for hidden chat
  • Disable messages whenever you need
  • Lock to screen chat
  • 7 new icons
  • Block calls
  • Freeze last seen
  • Hide media from gallery
  • Hide name for any contact
  • See storage for individual chat
  • YOtheme store
  • Send live location
  • Hidden chat does not show in forward to screen and home unread counter
  • YoMods settings design
  • Share YO WhatsApp with your friends
  • Color changes live preview
  • WhatsApp icon round
  • Pin up to 1000 chats
  • Send any type from the file manager
  • Custom Privacy feature


Is YO WhatsApp safe to use?

YO WhatsApp is a third-party app that sometimes raises questions about its security. However, its owner has assured the app is safe to use and legitimate.

How can I update YO WhatsApp?

The YO WhatsApp is the modified version of the original WhatsApp. Most likely, it is not available on Google Play. You can therefore update it directly from the YO WhatsApp website.

What is YO WhatsApp?

A modded version of WhatsApp, YO WHATSAPP is a great option for users who are bored with the original WhatsApp app. It has many features not included in the original WhatsApp app. Besides hiding blue ticks and online statuses, this software allows you to customize themes as well.

Final Words

YO WhatsApp Download offers many features, but its theme customization is its most valuable one. There are many different themes that you can apply and enjoy. However, the safety of YO WhatsApp raises a lot of questions. Users are concerned about the safety of the app since it is a third-party app.

Despite some delays in updates, it now solves all problems with the latest version. The downloading and installation of this app are 100% secure, so you can use it without worrying.


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